Introducing PuzzleLogic Service Advisor for JIRA Service Desk

Operational CMDB for Atlassian JIRA Service Desk

We're excited to announce that PuzzleLogic Service Advisor is now available for Atlassian JIRA Service Desk users.  With just one click, our hosted solution fully integrates with JSD. Get an app-centric view of JSD incidents, changes, problems, and affected components for unified incident investigation and resolution.

Service Advisor integrates with JSD to reduce incident resolution times by 50% or more. Track critical application components and hosts in a flexible, schema-less database that easy to setup and manage. Connect multi-cloud and on-prem environments seamlessly.

Service Advisor makes knowing which application is impacted easy. Create an incident in JSD, and the real-time integration determines the impacted application in seconds. View app dependencies and the status of your related JSD components in a single end-to-end view.

Start a free trial today by downloading PuzzleLogic Service Advisor from the Atlassian marketplace.

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