Service Advisor and 20 Most Promising Configuration Management Solutions

Last month, CIOReview magazine wrote an article about Service Advisor. I got the opportunity to talk about what makes Service Advisor unique and why it addresses many of the issues that exist with other configuration management products. For those of you who missed it, you can find the article here.

Also, a few weeks ago, we were excited to announce the Service Advisor integration to Atlassian JIRA Service Desk which highlights some important capabilities. For instance, one of the key integration features allows users to easily see the business impact of an incident based on the component CI. It was fairly straight-forward for our PuzzleLogic engineering team to develop this integration. But, I was impressed by the initial positive reactions that we received about the seamless benefits Service Advisor provides JIRA users.

PuzzleLogic Service Advisor for JIRA Service Desk

From our customer interactions, understanding the business impact of an incident or the impact of a change is one of the more sought after capabilities that IT looks to obtain. Most IT folks that we talk to understand that in order to realize this, a CMDB integrated into their incident process, is needed to track the important configuration items that make up an application or service. Without a CMDB, IT organizations continue to operate in silos where tribal knowledge and one-off tools are used to understand business impact and resolve critical issues.

So Why Service Advisor?

PuzzleLogic took an IT operations-first approach to developing Service Advisor where it not only helps IT manage their configuration items, but it creates an easy-to-use, responsive, scalable, and flexible solution to help IT view the operational status of the CIs that comprise their applications. This seamless, integrated IT ops and config management approach is what sets Service Advisor apart from other products. Most solutions rely on separate products that are integrated through a dashboard or console. Looks great in demos, but when users try to really use the product, most find the solution too hard to setup and maintain.

By taking this unified approach to IT ops and configuration management, we strongly believe that IT organizations can finally gain the capabilities of clearly understanding the impact of an incident or change using Service Advisor. You can deploy Service Advisor in a few minutes and integrate to your legacy data sources in a few hours. Give it a try and contact me at to let me know how your experience goes.


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