Integration – ITSM – PuzzleLogic Agent

Install, configure and run the PuzzleLogic Agent

The PuzzleLogic Agent is a Java application (JAR file) that is packaged within the PuzzleLogic distribution file plviewer-install-XXXXXX-all.tar.gz.

NOTE: The instructions in this section assume that you are using the Service Advisor evaluation license with the pre-defined grouping PuzzleLogic Inc. Please see the PuzzleLogic Service Advisor Installation and Deployment Guide if you wish to use the grouping ID that is specific to your organization.

To install, configure, and run the PuzzleLogic Agent:

  1. Copy the PuzzleLogic distribution file plviewer-install-XXXXXX-all.tar.gz to the Data Integration Server.
  2. Create the directory where you will run the PuzzleLogic Agent.
    $ mkdir –p $HOME/<PL_Agent_directory>

    For example, to create the directory plviewer-agent, type the following:

    $ mkdir –p $HOME/plviewer-agent
  3. Extract the archive file to the new agent directory.
    $ cd $HOME/<PL_Agent_directory>
    $ cp ~/plviewer-install-XXXXXX/assets/agent-XXXXXX.tar.gz . 
    $ tar xvf agent-XXXXXX.tar.gz

    NOTE: A directory named plviewer-agent-XXXXXX is created with the following sub-directories:

    • ./bin contains the Agent JAR file
    • ./samples contains a sample file
    • ./cli contains the Command Line Interface (CLI) Utility.
  4. Copy the file from the ./samples directory to the ./bin directory.
    $ cd plviewer-agent-XXXXXX/bin
    $ cp ../samples/ .
  5. Open the file in a text editor.
    • Set plviewer.auth.base.url to the PuzzleLogic Server hostname or IP address. The plviewer.auth.base.url must match the server.url specified in the file.
    • Set ssl.accept_all_certs=true to match the value of ssl.accept_all_certs in the file. For testing purposes, you can set ssl.accept_all_certs=true to accept the self-signed certificate that ships with PuzzleLogic.
      NOTE: The PuzzleLogic Agent process authenticates against the PuzzleLogic Server via HTTP using a special Agent user account with specific privileges. To use HTTPS, a trusted certificate must be installed on the PuzzleLogic Server. Support for self-signed certification is optional, but should be used only for development and demonstration purposes.
  6. Save the changes to the file.
  7. Start the PuzzleLogic Agent. Be sure the PuzzleLogic Server is properly installed and running before you start the Agent.
    $ ./ start

NOTE: For production environments, consult your system administrator to create auto-start scripts to start the Agent when the system reboots.