DevOps Support Teams

Consolidate Data From Existing IT Operations Management Tools

DevOps Support Use Case

Spend less time piecing together the problem in the middle of the night with PuzzleLogic Service Advisor




  • With DevOps Support teams, change happens quickly
  • Constant provisioning of new servers, updating scripts, deploying code, and supporting it all and different teams are not seeing the big picture
  • Using 3 or 4 ops tools, such as Nagios, AppDynamics, and Logstash to support cloud apps and teams log into each tool manually to triage problems


  • Create a unified view of all data from DevOps support and IT Operations Management tools
  • Inventory and tag any app component or host and connect them to create an end-to-end view of the apps
  • Enable multiple team members to see the big picture and highlight areas they care about the most


  • Login to one, single tool to clearly see what's happening and reduced troubleshooting across IT Operations Management and DevOps support teams
  • Consistently investigate issues from events, incidents and application error logs from a unified incident investigation workspace
  • The need for large conference calls to troubleshoot incident management is greatly diminished
  • Reduced developer resource times for production troubleshooting


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