Managed Service Provider Teams

Manage Customer Infrastructure Sprawl

Use Case: Managed Service Provider

Track your customer's infrastructure, monitor health, and consistently meet service targets leveraging configurable views to match the way you manage the business with PuzzleLogic Service Advisor



  • Large infrastructure for one application running multi-tenancy and standalone instances for multiple customers made monitoring for SLAs difficult
  • Couldn't see an operational view of individual customer data
  • Difficult to get all SMEs together to troubleshoot


  • Service Advisor centralized data sources so that the operations team could see what was happening within the application regardless of component
  • Enabled custom attributes for specific customers to easily track to SLAs
  • Created customer centric views to improve service and support to individual customers


  • Support teams leverage unique attributes by customer for troubleshooting to reduce service interruption
  • Actionable data now viewable by individual customer has reduced outage times by 40%
  • Improved ability to pinpoint impacted component enables the right SME to get engaged more quickly

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