Integration – ITSM – Overview for BMC Remedy and ServiceNow

Integrating Service Advisor with ITSM applications

PuzzleLogic Service Advisor supports out-of-the-box data integration with BMC Remedy and ServiceNow IT service management (ITSM) applications. Service Advisor ships with pre-defined data integration jobs that retrieve certain areas of data from a BMC Remedy or ServiceNow ITSM and load the data into the PuzzleLogic Data Repository.

Overview of the data integration jobs

The script is used to run the data integration jobs. At run time, a data integration job reads the variable input specified in a configuration properties file. The configuration properties file contains runtime variables for functions such as connecting to the data source, setting search criteria to filter results, and retrieving data from columns that are not specified out of the box. These variables can be defined by the user.

When a particular job is run, it reads the date timestamp from the file job_last_execution.csv to determine when the job was last executed successfully. The job only retrieves records from the data source that have been modified since the last executed date/time. If the job completed successfully, the appropriate date timestamp value in the job_last_execution.csv file is updated with the date timestamp when the job was finished.

If a data integration job is executed successfully, it produces a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) file containing data retrieved from the ITSM application. The PuzzleLogic Agent picks up the JSON files and loads the contents into the PuzzleLogic Data Repository. If there is no data that matched the search criteria at the time a job was executed, no JSON file will be produced.

NOTE: For more information about integrating PuzzleLogic Service Advisor with your ITSM system, please see the PuzzleLogic Service Advisor Installation and Deployment Guide available on our Support page.